What to Expect from a Dental Implant Surgery?

Even though dental implants are an expensive cosmetic dental procedure, but it is a permanent solution for lost teeth. Unlike dentures, these can last a lifetime and can help people improve their smile. The success rates of dental implant surgery are more than 90%. Many people are now living a better-quality life after going through dental implant surgery.

Everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life. With a confident and beautiful smile, an individual enjoys high self-esteem that makes them perform better in life. With dental implants, people can leave behind their self-conscious self in the past!

Is your missing tooth making you feel embarrassed and making it difficult for you to stay confident in a social gathering? Dental implant surgery can solve all your problems can help you rebuild your confidence.

Have an appointment for dental implant surgery and don’t know what to expect? Here is a comprehensive outline of what you need to expect from a dental implant procedure!

Initial Evaluation

A dentist will not get on with the procedure until he has fully examined a patient’s mouth. Expect to go through a thorough evaluation of your mouth by your dentist or oral surgeon. The initial evaluation involves X-rays and teeth models.

A dentist will evaluate the condition of your jawbone to determine how many implants you need. It is a lengthy process and will take time. The dental expert will even look into your dental health history to evaluate whether your mouth is fit enough for the procedure or not.

During this evaluation, a dental expert will provide you with a list of instructions that you need to follow to prepare for the surgery. The procedure to go smoothly, you must adhere to all these instructions.

The Surgery

It is vital to understand that the surgery can take up to several months because the main implant is fixed in the mouth only after a jawbone completely heals. The time a jawbone takes to heal varies with every patient. There are different stages of dental implant surgery.

The process begins with the removal of the damaged tooth if required. After the removal of the tooth, the oral surgeon prepares the jawbone for the procedure. The step may include bone grafting, depending upon the case. After the jawbone heals, the dentist will implant the abutment.

While a patient’s gums are healing, a dentist will take multiple impressions of your mouth to design implants that complement the other teeth in their mouth.

A dental surgeon will not proceed with the surgery if the jawbone is not strong enough. It is because the procedure involves implanting a titanium post in the jawbone which will serve as the foundation for the replacement tooth.

Recovery Period

After the procedure is complete, you need to expect some extent of discomfort. The normal conditions that you may experience after the surgery include swelling of the face and gums, bruised gums, minor bleeding, and pain.

Make sure you follow all the instructions a dentist provides you with as it will help you recover faster without any complications!

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