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Exceptional Indianapolis dentist

A before and after case study from our gentle dentist in Indianapolis.
An actual before and after case study from our Indianapolis dentist.
Before and after case study of an actual patient of Dr. Sammons.
Our Gentle Dentist in Indianapolis IN shows a case study before and after treatment.
A before and after case study from the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Indianapolis.

Patient Reviews

Our greatest compliments come from you!

"When asked to write a testimonial, we were delighted. We have been coming to Dr. Sammons for nearly nine years. We were impressed right from the first visit with the staff, the office, and most importantly, with Dr. Sammons himself. All our experiences here have been good ones. They have a very caring, friendly staff that do all they can to make sure we are comfortable. Prior to coming here, all previous experiences were not nearly as pleasant. We have come to expect quality care, and I doubt we could find anywhere else what we have found here.”

Del & Sharron

"The cosmetic work that Dr. Sammons has done has completely changed the way I feel about my smile. I get so many compliments on my teeth; it has tremendously increased my confidence in my appearance. I would recommend Dr. Sammons to all of my family and friends. A professional environment and friendly staff make this a fantastic place for family dentistry.”


"Everyone is always friendly and courteous; very professional and capable. Appointments are kept on time. Dr. Sammons stays up with latest technology.”


"Dr. Sammons is continually engaged in furthering his education, seeking out the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies and treatments available in his effort to better serve our patients. Our patients can feel confident they are receiving the best dentistry Dr. Sammons has to offer. I think the thing that sets our office apart from most is that we, as a team, have been through extensive continuing education training together so we are all able to better serve our patients. Any one of us can accurately and confidently deliver the highest quality of services available, from discussing different treatment options to delivering treatment care. Our patients always have many options when it comes to treatment. Our job is to make sure they understand all of their treatment choices and let them make the best-informed decision for their health and/or cosmetic needs. Then it’s our pleasure to deliver the highest quality of care.”

Kim, Hygienist for Dr. Sammons

“I’d imagine no one truly enjoys sitting in a dentist’s chair when pain is the reason for the visit but it’s something we all must do from time to time. Dr. Sammons and staff quickly identify the exact source of the problem then work to resolve the issue in a timely and highly professional manor. The staff interaction is that of a well educated team. They are pleasant and cordial yet not over the top with small talk in an attempt to win you over, as so many other offices do in an attempt to make up for any lack of skills or highly inflated pricing you’ll discover later. You are made confident that they are fully prepared for that very reason you walked through the office door in the first place. I’d recommend this dentist to anyone who values high quality dentistry in a highly professional environment.”


“My office experience was great and the staff wonderful. Dr. Sammons is very professional and highly recommended. They schedule their appointments efficiently so you really don’t have to wait to be seen. They are great.”


“I travel 200 miles to see Dr. Sammons! I started seeing Dr. Sammons when I worked in Indianapolis in 2007. Although I have now lived out of state for almost three years I continue to travel to Dr. Sammons’ office for my dental appointments. He has networked with other specialists who are just as top-notch as he is. The quality of his services are the greatest; his staff members are competent and caring. They all work hard to give me be highest quality dental care available.”


“Always a very friendly atmosphere when coming in for an appointment! The ‘Cleaning Ladies’ are the best! And, of course, Dr. Brad is always on the top of his game!!”


“Not many people actually LIKE going to the dentist, but the staff at Dr. Sammons office are challenging that preconceived notion. They are fast, thorough, and sharp as tacks. Additionally, they are the most human, and warm throughout your appointment. Everybody seems to love working there and it makes all the difference for the patients.”


“Wow, I feel like I had nothing done yesterday. I was able to have dinner with my friends and the temps look wonderful. Everything went smoothly, quickly, easily, my mouth feels great and what more can I say? Dr. Sammons is a real pro!”


“I have never been to such a state-of-the-art dentistry facility in my life. I was welcomed and treated so nicely by all of the staff, and never experienced any pain whatsoever I felt so comfortable and couldn’t believe all of the tests that were performed on me including my blood pressure. My veneers turned out very nice and we looked at what needs to be be done down the road. I was really impressed with the camera he has that looks at your teeth and you can look at the picture right on the TV screen in your room and he tells you what he sees as a problem. I will never go anywhere else. Trust me, Dr. Sammons is the BEST!”


“Most complete and comprehensive dental exam I have ever had. Very professional.”



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