Simpli5 Clear Braces

What are Simpli5 Clear Braces?

You don’t have to be fitted for metal braces to straighten your teeth anymore. Today’s orthodontic aligners are just as effective as braces yet are invisible. These invisible aligners, such as Simpli5 Aligners, offer a clear choice to metal braces. They are lightweight, comfortable, and are effective for straightening your teeth and correcting your bite.

Who is a good candidate for Simpli5 Clear Braces?

Simpli5 aligners correct minor problems in crowding or spacing as well as realigning teeth that have already had braces or other types of orthodontic treatment.

What happens during Simpli5 Braces treatment?

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The benefits of using Simpli5 Braces include:

  • Faster treatment times: Impressions are taken, and about three to four weeks later, your treatments begin. The total treatment time using these braces remains completed in about five months.
  • Comfort: Each set of Simpli5 plastic braces remains made to precisely fit your mouth. These aligners are clear and fit so well that no one may notice you are wearing the aligners.
  • Convenience: Each of the high-tech, custom-made aligners is worn for from three to four weeks. When you are done using Simpli5 aligners, you’ll have a straighter smile without the inconvenience of metal braces.

If this fast and easy brace system sounds like the right solution for you, please contact Dr. Brad Sammons at the Center for Advanced Dentistry today to set up a consultation. Our friendly, well-trained staff can help you have the smile of your dreams using Simpli5 Clear braces. Our team is professional, friendly, and highly skilled. We give our patients excellent treatment options using the latest technology to keep your mouth beautiful and healthy for life.