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Crowns from our Indianapolis IN dentist can help restore your smile.


At the Center for Advanced Dentistry, we believe strongly in offering convenient, yet high-quality dentistry to our Indianapolis patients. That’s why Dr. Sammons offers CEREC single-visit crowns and lab-created crowns!

CEREC crowns are ceramic restorations crafted and placed in just one appointment. To create single-visit crowns, Dr. Sammons uses cutting-edge CEREC technology. With CEREC, there is no need for multiple office visits, goopy impressions, or temporary crowns.

CEREC crowns are great for anyone who:

- Needs repair to a back molar.
- Doesn’t want to hassle with temporary dentistry.
- Has dental anxiety.
- Doesn’t have much time available in their schedule.

There are still times where lab-crafted crowns are an ideal restoration. Especially is this true when a front tooth needs repairs. A crown produced by Dr. Sammons and created with the help of a reputable lab gives the best esthetic result. Lab-crafted crowns may take two appointments (one for design and impressions, and another for placement), but they provide the most natural looking results for highly-visible teeth.

Dr. Sammons will examine your case and help you determine the type of crown best suited for your needs. Porcelain dental crowns, whether CEREC or lab-crafted, provide a beautiful restoration and long-lasting protection.

Actual patient before and after dental crowns.

Bridges from our Indianapolis, IN dentist can correct gaps and restore your smile.


A dental bridge is just as the name implies—a restoration used to “bridge” the space left behind by missing teeth. A bridge is comprised of one or more artificial teeth, attached to a dental crown on either side. These crowns cover the adjacent natural teeth, which is why a bridge is an excellent resolution for anyone who has earlier had, or will ultimately need, a crown on these teeth.

You could be a candidate for a bridge if:

- You have one or more missing teeth.
- You are not a candidate for a dental implant.
- Your teeth on either side of the affected area need restorative work, such as a crown.
- You are looking for a swift, yet extremely natural-looking tooth replacement solution.

Dr. Sammons’ dental bridges look remarkably lifelike; he chooses high-quality materials and top-quality labs with which to work. He and the lab collaborate to design and craft crowns using only the very best materials available. Many of our bridges are composed without any metal, giving a very translucent appearance, like natural teeth, and eliminating the chance of any grey shadowing along the gum line. Because the crowns are customized to your smile, you can trust your bridge will function, feel, and appear just like natural teeth.

Metal-free fillings from our dentist in Indianapolis, IN keep your smile looking natural.

Metal-Free Fillings

When it comes time for you to need a filling, you can feel confident the appearance of your smile won’t be compromised. Metal-free fillings can be matched closely to the color of existing teeth. They are also very versatile in that they can be used not only as a filling material but also to repair chipped, broken, or worn teeth as a cosmetic bonding treatment.

Our metal-free fillings offer numerous benefits, including:

- A more natural appearance.
- More conservative treatment to natural tooth structure.
- Strong and durable materials strengthen a weak tooth.
- Composite materials are not affected by temperature changes like traditional metal fillings.
- Less tooth sensitivity.
- Protection against future decay.

Metal-free fillings are different from traditional fillings in that only the decay needs to be removed to make room for the filling, so less healthy tooth structure is removed. Metal-free fillings are made of composite resins, which bond directly to the surface of the tooth. Metal-free fillings are unyielding, offering long-lasting protection against further decay.


‘‘Everyone is always friendly and courteous; very professional and capable. Appointments are kept on time. Dr. Sammons always stays up with the latest technology.


‘‘Everyone is always friendly and courteous; very professional and capable. Appointments are kept on time. Dr. Sammons always stays up with the latest technology.


OralCDX Lab Test

Keeping Patients Safe & Healthy

Oral Health care checks from your Indianapolis IN Dentist helps keeps all patients healh.

Our patients longterm health is at the absolute top priority of our team. That is why from routine checkups, to advanced tech, we ensure that everything that we do and use here at Brad Sammons, DDS will help our patients remain happy, healthy, and free from any serious oral health issues.

One such way we are able to do this is by using OralCDX lab, which is an in-office test to help ensure that the harmless-appearing white or red spots in your patient’s mouths are not precancerous or cancerous.


Combining Modern Techniques, Years of Experience, and a Gentle Approach

Dr. Sammons successfully repairs damaged smiles through artistic restorative treatments. Whether you have damaged or missing teeth, the finest materials and technologies available are used to give you a smile that remains strong, healthy, and attractive for years to come.

His ability to create extremely natural dentistry is what makes Dr. Sammons distinguished among Indianapolis, IN dentists.

Laser Dentistry

Highly Innovative | Minimally Invasive

Laser dentistry from our Indianapolis IN Dentist helps us give precise and non-invasive dental care.

Laser Dentistry is an extremely innovative technology that provides us the opportunity to give you effective results in a more precise and convenient way when compared to methods of the past. The YSGG laser allows our Indianapolis, IN Dentist to treat very precise areas of your smile, without affecting surrounding tissues and teeth.

Prior to laser dentistry, many conventional treatments were only plausible through highly invasive surgical methods. Treatment times were often long, painful, and resulted in a challenging recovery process. But not anymore!

The YSGG laser is an unprecedented dental device. It uses a blend of laser energy and water to complete many treatments with almost no pain. Due to its efficiency and precision, procedures are less invasive and more comfortable. Because the laser begins healing as soon as tissue is removed, patients experience quicker treatment times and an improved recovery process.


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