Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth can have a significant impact not only on one’s appearance, but also on self confidence and overall health.

There are three basic ways to fix a missing tooth or teeth.

  • A fixed bridge
  • A dental implant
  • A removable appliance

A fixed dental bridge:

Having a bridge is like having three crowns that are attached. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth are prepared for crowns, an impression is made, and the case is sent to a dental laboratory. The laboratory then makes the crowns and fastens a false tooth between the two crowns – this is a bridge.

A dental implant:

A dental implant is an artificial “root” that is implanted in your jaw after a tooth extraction and then a tooth is placed on it. Biologically, it is like placing an entirely new artificial tooth in your mouth.

The advantages of an implant are: No teeth on either side have to be prepared for crowns, so there is no grinding on “good teeth” – you just fix the missing tooth. Implants can also span the space of multiple missing teeth. There is no limit to the span they can cover, as long as the patient’s health is good and there is healthy and adequate bone to support the implant. An implant also is fixed and feels just like your own teeth.

A removable appliance:

Something removable can be used to replace a missing tooth. This can be anything from a budget “dental flipper” (a piece of plastic with a false tooth attached) to a more sturdy metal and acrylic removable partial denture.

If you are interested in making your smile whole again with any of these treatments please give our southside Indianapolis/Greenwood office a call at 317-859-6768.

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