Why do Sedation Dentistry here in Indianopolis?

I just finished up an appointment this morning where we sedated a very nice woman.  During my conversations with her prior to today, she mentioned that even though she has had fairly extensive work done over the years, that it never has been a good experience.  Unfortunately, even very well done dentistry will show its age over time, and she was in need of some fairly extensive dental procedures.

I recommended that we consider “sedation dentistry”.  Reluctantly, the patient scheduled for this morning.  Prior to this appointment, a number of different team members worked behind the scenes to reassure her that all would be ok, and that we would take very good care of her!

The appointment went flawless, we started the sedation (medication under the tongue) at about 8:15am, and she had drifted off to sleep by a little after 9a.  We were then able to complete 4 crowns in a little over an hour.  It was actually pretty funny, at the end of the appointment, the patient told me that my “fairy dust” did nothing for her, I just smiled and said, “I will call you later tonite and ask you what you recall from the appointment!”.  Little did she know, that she slept (with the occasional snoring!) for practically the entire appointment!

Keep in mind, Sedation Dentistry in Indianapolis is available, right here at the “Center for Advanced Dentistry”.  If you or your loved ones have put off needed dental procedures, please know that we are here to help!

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