Tooth Sensitivity

It’s winter and cold outside. Do you notice walking outside finding yourself curling your lips over your teeth to protect them from the chilly air? Are you using your sensitive type tooth paste religiously?  Asking for no ice in a drink when you’re out to eat? Dr. Brad Sammons and his Team at the Center for Advanced Dentistry hear this from patients every day.

Sensitive teeth to cold is a very common problem. … Often the part of the tooth that becomes sensitive is the dentin that is exposed due to the wearing of the outer protective layers of enamel and cementum. However, sensitivity could also result from a cavity, a lost or loose filling, or an exposed root surface.17012-social-post-teeth-sensitivity4

Did you know that grinding or putting pressure on your teeth could be causing your sensitive?

What is our solution you may ask?

Of course, staying regular with dental exams and x-rays, but having Dr. Brad Sammons, your Indianapolis Dentist, check for extensive wear on your teeth. A night gaurd is a great way to protect your teeth from excessive wear and cold sensitivity.  With a simple impression a guard can be made to custom fit your teeth. The night guard made can withstand the pressure you are putting on your teeth each and every night.  Call today or visit our website  to schedule an appointment at the Center for Advance Dentistry to stop the sensitivity and relieve the stress you are putting your teeth through!  (317)859-6768

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  1. Avatar for sammons Jason says:

    I found a better way to take care my sensitive gums, I am using the electric toothbrush, it offers the sensitive brushing mode which likes a gently massage alone the gum line. It feels much better than using a manual brush.

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