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Technology in the Dental Office- Good for All!

I had a recent conversation with a prospective new Team member.  We started talking about technology and what it meant to the office.  I spoke about our Cerec “same day crown” machine, our digital x-ray and panoramic machine, as well as our Biolase MD Laser.  I was really excited to share what we are doing here in our Indianapolis office.  I went on to speak about how we can digitally scan teeth and not have to take impressions in most cases, and how the Intra-oral cameras did an excellent job of being able to show patients what we are talking about.  I was all fired up talking about the cool stuff we have in our office!  The person that I was talking to, evidently did not share in my enthusiasm, as the first thing that came out of her mouth was “boy, that seems like expensive stuff for you to have to buy, and it sounds as though it is a lot more added work for the employees!!!


I knew right away that this was not the person for our office, but I wanted to use our time to educate.  Yes, I told her, these pieces of technology did not come cheap to our office, but, it actually made work much more enjoyable and efficient, and most importantly, a MUCH BETTER EXPERIENCE FOR THE PATIENT!!  Imagine, with the Cerec machine, the patient will not have to come back for a second appointment (and second shot), not have to worry about temporary crowns coming off, let alone the additional time away from work.  How scanning teeth was much better than stuffing a bunch of gooey material in the patients mouth, wait 5 minutes, then find out that the impression was distorted and having to go thru the whole process again.  How nice it is to take digital x-rays (seeing them immediately) and being able to email to another doctor vs having the patient pick them up, or worse, sending thru the mail!!  I spoke at length about how we can use the Biolase MD Laser to do many cavity preps with NO ANESTHETIC (no shot!!!)

I then showed my captive audience (prospective team member!), an intra-oral photo on a large screen monitor.  I asked her if she could see the large crack in the tooth, in which she replied “Who couldn’t!!”  My point exactly.  It is much easier to diagnose and explain problems when you can see it well!  By the time we were done, I really think she understood, TECHNOLOGY IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE!!  Come see us at our Greenwood/Indianapolis Dental office!  We are located immediately south of the St. Francis Hospital Campus on Emerson Avenue.  We are looking forward to meeting you!IMAG1207

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