Team Member updates

As many of you know, two very special people in our office, Kim, our hygienist, and Loretta, my expanded duties assistant, both were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Kim is doing well, but has chosen to take an extended leave to “unwind” from the whole situation.  I can only imagine the mental and physical stress this would put on oneself.  We wish her the best, and hope that when the time is right, she will once again be seen on a regular basis in our office.

Loretta recently underwent surgery and will be out for a number of weeks.  We all saw her a couple days ago, and she is looking great!  While we miss her tremendously, we want her to take the time to recuperate and be 100% again!

We know that many patients have been wanting updates, and I think I am safe to say, that their concerns and prayers have been much appreciated by everyone.  Thanks to everyone for caring!

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