Sedation for General Dentistry right here in Indianopolis!

It is a nice feeling, knowing that right here in our office in Indianapolis, that we can complete extensive cases of general dentistry with sedation, that in the past, would have to be done in an operating room!  Recently I had a case with a young lady that required a great deal of fillings, crowns and a couple root canals, but was very scared of having the work completed.  With the aid of sedation medications given and monitored in our office, we were able to complete her case in 3 visits!

This nice gal came to us, telling us she was hard to get numb, gagged and just did not tolerate dentistry very well.  We took the time to explain the benefits of sedation dentistry to her, and it seemed like a great idea.  Her outcome was great!  After we completed all of her general dentistry, she is interested in making her smile look even more beautiful with veneers.  If you have any friends in the Indianapolis or Greenwood area that has been reluctant to see a dentist, please let them know that they have options right in their backyard!!

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