Sedation Dentistry!

Last week we had a nice fellow just stop in as he was driving down the road.  He came in to make an appointment to be seen as a new patient.  Just happened, we had a cancellation that allowed us to get him back immediately.  After a nice discussion, he confided that he was apprehensive about going to the dentist.  I helped ease his mind by letting him know that he was not alone.  Apparantly, he had heard one of our advertisements on the radio talking about “Sedation Dentistry”.  I was really happy that we got him right in, because he told me that chances were, if that had not happened, he probably would have “chickened out” and not returned.  We talked together at length about how the sedation worked, explained that it was a very safe, reliable way to treat many patients that are reluctant to have dental work completed.

Today I saw the same patient.  He arrived about an hour early, we administed medication under his tongue, monitored all of his vital signs, and completed alot of dentistry in a relatively short time.  He did great!  Most of the time, patients are carrying on a conversation with you before they leave the office, only to have no memory of the appointment the next day.  I will give him a call tonite to check on him, feeling very confident that he has had no problems since he left our office.  If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please have them visit our office for a free consultation on sedation dentistry!  I would also welcome anyone to call me personally with any questions.  To your health!

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