Same day crowns with Cerec!

Today I had a businessman come to see me, he was leaving for a trip out of the country in a couple days and broke a tooth in the back of his mouth.  Fortunately for him, our office has invested in the latest technology, and in his case, CEREC was available.  With this piece of equipment, we can take an optical scan of a prepared tooth, and instead of taking an impression and sending it off to a dental laboratory, we are able to design the crown on a computer (in front of his eyes), and the computer tells another piece of equipment (milling machine) what to make.  The new crown is made in about 20 minutes!  We tried the crown in, it fit great, polished it and bonded it in the same visit.  The visit took approximately 30 minutes longer than the traditional method, but we avoided a second appointment for the patient, which also meant no temporary crown, and NO SECOND SHOT!  We are able to provide this service here in our Indianapolis office.  We do not charge any additional for this service, just another way that we provide exceptional service for our patients!

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