Insurance Companies Dictating Dental Care

A question everyone should ask themselves:

How much are you willing to allow your insurance company to dictate your dental health?

Dental insurance should be treated as a rebate or a coupon. (unlike health insurance)  Did you know dental insurance companies haven’t changed your maximum coverage per year since 1959. (1000-1500 per year) Think about how much prices have gone up since 1959.

1959                 2010

Gas                                     .25               2.69

Bread                                  .20                2.99

Postage                               .04                 .44

Avg. Cost of Home      30,000.00        236,00.00

Dr. Sammons is a highly trained LVI dentist on the southside, who wants only the best possible care for his patients.  Dr. Sammons is unwilling to comprise your care based on your insurance companies plan.

So remember insurance is a coupon/rebate.  When it comes to your dental health, let a highly qualified LVI dentist plus you determine your best possible care, not your insurance company.  So if you are looking for a dentist in the Indianapolis area, come to the southside of Indy.  We’re located right off Emerson by St. Francis Hospital.

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