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Welcome to our blog! At the practice of Dr. Sammons, we want to help our patients and readers become educated on the latest developments in oral health. Here we will be bringing you news from our Indianapolis dental office and focus on new techniques and services in the industry. You’ll also find tips and hints to improve your oral health, and keep the investment in yourself healthy and beautiful for life.

Our first Case of the Month shows how important new advances in dentistry have become to making your visit to our dentist, Dr. Sammons, a new and better experience.

Case of the Month with Sedation Dentistry

Our patient came to us looking for a new dentist who could repair some work that caused her problems. The past attempt at her crown had been difficult, and the visit had been uncomfortable. Unfortunately, as many negative visits to a dentist do, this caused the patient to feel anxiety about dentistry. This made it difficult for her to continue on with the treatment she needed, and she put off having her dental care completed.

Because Dr. Sammons is licensed in Sedation Dentistry, she was able to overcome her anxiety and enjoy a much more comfortable procedure. As a result, Dr. Sammons was able to remove the previous crown and craft four beautiful and natural looking crowns. The sensitivity that she had been enduring was no longer a problem, with the crown properly fitted. Also, with his experience in bite alignment and neuromuscular dentistry, her new restorations had the right fit and a much better bite. This ensured that her new dental crowns would be long-lasting, and better protect her oral health.

Our patient now has relief from her discomfort, improved oral health, and knows that with a skilled dentist and Sedation Dentistry, she really can have great care and a good experience.

As our patient found out, Sedation Dentistry helps not only to enjoy a pain-free visit, it can also help our patients who want to have more dental work completed in a less visits. You can wake up to a beautiful smile faster, with enhanced healing, and no memory of the procedure.

If you have any questions about this, please post a comment below or contact us to find out more.                            -The Team of Dr. Sammons, Indianapolis Dentist

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