Importance of "Oral Cancer" screening!

A couple days ago, I met and did an exam on a nice 25yr old guy.  He and his wife are having their first child here in about a month.  I went over his medical history, and nothing out of the ordinary was noted.  When I started doing his oral exam, I immediately noticed a large white, irritated patch of gum tissue.  I asked him if he chewed tobacco.  His response was “Yes, for about 10 years, that is where I always put it.  I didn’t think it mattered, should I have noted that on my history form?”

I want to share a little information about our team here at the “Center for Advanced Dentistry”.  I work with 4 very special people here, who are more like family and friends than employees.  Not one, but two of our team, Kim our hygienist, and Loretta, one of my assistants were recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Talk about turning their worlds upside down.  Let me say one thing, CANCER DOES NOT PLAY FAVORITES!  It can strike anyone.  We are talking about 2 healthy individuals who have been checked every year for many years, only to show up on this years exam.  Both ladies are fighting through this, and with gods help and everyones prayers, hopefully everything will turn out well.  My point to all this madness is this, please take the necessary steps to get checked, and don’t think that just because you don’t feel as though “you don’t need to worry about this”, please get checked out, if for nobody else than your family and friends.

The next time that we suggest the Velscope Oral Cancer screening, we are doing this because we care about you, and want you to be around for a long time.  There is a charge for the exam, but please believe me, we are doing this for the wellbeing of the patients, and it is not a “profit center” for the office.  With the increase in prevelance of the HPV virus, it is contributing to more cases of oral cancer than ever before.  Just this year, I learned of two of my friends that have been diagnosed with “Tonsil Cancer”.  How many of you have even heard of “Tonsil Cancer”?  Lets all be smart and safe.  I would encourage anyone who has more questions, to please ask us about the Velscope, and what it can do to safeguard us and the ones we love.

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