How Dr. Sammons and his team can help you fight gum disease

Fighting Gum Disease

Several years ago, we were given the opportunity to attend a seminar on gum disease. I have attended my fair share of such seminars over the course of my career in Indianapolis Dentistry, but was not prepared for how much I would learn.  This new approach centers more on the treating of the specific bacteria as you would with any other infection.  The seminar also included the bacteria’s effect on the body as a whole.  This new approach changed the way we treat gum infection in numerous ways.


Our new approach at the Center for Advanced Dentistry to treating gum infection is different than other Indianapolis Dental offices. During our gum therapy we send a sample of the patient’s saliva to a lab to determine the exact bacteria involved in the infection.  This is more efficient as we are able to tailor the therapy to each individual patient.  We then irrigate with specific medicaments around the patient’s teeth, where the bacteria thrive. We are able to do this while maintaining the patient’s comfort.  Next we send the patient home with the tools they need to continue disrupting the bacteria’s home.


This new approach to treating gum infection has truly changed our results. We had patient at the Center for Advanced Dentistry who had complied with all of our previous protocol, but were still battling the infection.  After implementing this new program, we have seen amazing results not only with these patients but with all patients.  We are eagerly awaiting our next opportunity to learn even more about this approach at the next seminar in a couple of weeks.

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