Dental Warranty for Dental Treatment

Did you know that Dr. Sammons offers a 6 year dental warranty to all of his patients? Dr. Brad Sammons was chosen to be the only dentist in Indianapolis to offer the warranty to his patients!

As a patient of a Dental Warranty Program, you will receive a written warranty that gives you “No Fault Coverage”! If “Anything” causes your covered dental work to fail, including new decay, biting on a hard object, sporting accident, auto accident, etc., the cost to repair or replace it will be at no charge to you under the terms and conditions of the Dental Warranty Certificate. Better yet, Dental Warranty coverage, “Follows Your Smile”! If you relocate and or are unable to return to your issuing Dental Warranty Certified Practice for repair or replacement of covered dental work, Dental Warranty Corp will help you find another qualified dentist and pay them to repair or replace it.

For more information, give us a call at 317-859-6768.

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