Dental Emergencies!

Whether we like to think of it or not, at some point in our lives, most of us will be the “Emergency”!  Each day in our Indianapolis office, we try to block out time for those such emergencies.  Nobody ever plans on being the emergency patient, but life happens!

We have seen all types of emergencies.  Teeth broken due to biking accidents, work injuries and just plain “wear and tear”!  This is my 19th year of doing dentistry, not many things surprise me anymore!

Please call ASAP when something happens that you do not feel is normal.  Do not wait until later in the day, as time is very important in dealing with these problems.  Sometimes a tooth could require a root canal, or even in extreme situations, could require an extraction.  We will help coordinate whatever treatment is required, and try our best to make this a smooth fix!

So, if this situation happens to you, give us a call!  If you are in Greenwood, Indianapolis, Southport or just traveling thru, let us help with your emergency!  Give Cassie and Natalie a call at 317-859-6768, they will be happy to get you scheduled!

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