Crowns in One Visit!

How happy was our patient yesterday that broke that tooth with the huge filling??  Not real happy, but when I told him that I could get his tooth restored with a porcelain crown, and it would only take 1 visit, and an hour and a half of his time, he was A LOT happier!  You see, here in our Indianapolis Indiana office, we have the CEREC technology that allows us to complete the procedure in a little over an hour, only 1 injection, one appointment and NO TEMPORARIES!  With this piece of equipment, we can do inlays, onlays and crowns in a little over an hour.  Not that breaking a tooth makes you happy, but knowing that you can get it fixed in one appointment, now that made him happy!  In Greenwood Indiana, we are one of very few offices that offers this technology!  Let us take care of the next emergency in one visit!!

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