Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Diagnosing a crack tooth is not always what a patient wants to hear. Yet again, a male patient, self confessed clencher and grinder, in his mid 30’S has been suffering with on again off again pain for about 6 weeks now. Today he said the tooth felt like it was raised. The infection was finally visible on a radiograph. Antibiotics were prescribe but the patient has a huge decision to make, invest a significant amount of money for a root canal and crown to save the tooth or have the tooth extracted.  This all stems back to a tooth with huge silver filling covering about 50% of the tooth. The metals (i.e.: Mercury) often change dimension with temperature changes. So when we drink or eat things likes ice cream to hot coffee the metals can expand and contract causing stress on a tooth. Over time as we chew cracks can develop or portions of the tooth can even break off.

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