Sedation Dentistry in Indianapolis

Are you scared of the dentist and the procedure that you may need?  Here at our Indianapolis office we offer sedation dentistry for someone that may be fearful or nervous.  You don’t have to be scared any longer.  A small pill is placed  gently under the tongue to help you become completely relaxed before the procedure is […]

Why do Sedation Dentistry here in Indianopolis?

I just finished up an appointment this morning where we sedated a very nice woman.  During my conversations with her prior to today, she mentioned that even though she has had fairly extensive work done over the years, that it never has been a good experience.  Unfortunately, even very well done dentistry will show its […]

Sedation for General Dentistry right here in Indianopolis!

It is a nice feeling, knowing that right here in our office in Indianapolis, that we can complete extensive cases of general dentistry with sedation, that in the past, would have to be done in an operating room!  Recently I had a case with a young lady that required a great deal of fillings, crowns […]

Sedation Dentistry!

Last week we had a nice fellow just stop in as he was driving down the road.  He came in to make an appointment to be seen as a new patient.  Just happened, we had a cancellation that allowed us to get him back immediately.  After a nice discussion, he confided that he was apprehensive […]