Get to know our newest Biolase iPlus Laser for making dentistry pain-free, needle-free for young and old

Our New Biolase iPlus Laser = No Pain, No Needles, No Drill Dentistry

Get to know our newest Biolase iPlus Laser for making dentistry pain-free, needle-free for young and old

Did you ever think getting advanced dental procedures at the dentist could be painless—without getting a shot of anesthesia?

Today, thanks to our newest Biolase iPlus Laser, you can get cosmetic smile enhancements and restorative dental procedures without the need for anesthesia and in a matter of minutes.


Introducing Our New Biolase iPlus Laser for Dentistry

Continuing our tradition of giving patients the elite level genuine care they deserve, we are pleased to introduce our latest acquisition in state-of-the-art dental technology: the Biolase iPlus Laser.

The Biolase iPlus is an all-tissue laser designed to make your dental visits minimally invasive, highly precise, and exceptionally gentle. This short-length laser is calibrated to gently melt away biological tissue such as excessive gums over your smile and cavities.

Dr. Sammons has completed 100’s of cosmetic enhancements and restorative cases over the last 15 years with lasers–often times without the need for anesthesia.


What can Laser Dentistry Do for You?

With the Biolase iPlus, we can do more for your smile in less time and with less discomfort. This technology can be used in so many aspects of dentistry:

  • reshaping your gums and smile
  • eliminating dangerous growths
  • treating cavities
  • restoring holistic oral health
  • and more

You have no need to be referred out to another dentist (wasting precious time and money), we can now perform these procedures right here in our office.

“Dr. Sammons was able to remove that troublesome bump on the inside of my cheek without referring me to an oral surgeon!  It was done very quick, healed even quicker with no stitches!! “
– Mary H (actual patient of Dr. Brad Sammons, Greenwood, Indiana Dentist)

Laser dentistry makes beautiful smiles affordable and anxiety free with Dr. Sammons, dentist in Greenwood, Indiana



I Am Already Afraid of Dentists, Now They Have Lasers?! 

If you know that you need dental work, but you’re afraid of the drill sounds and the pain, fear no more.

These low-intensity lasers are completely safe and are operated only by our expertly trained team.

In addition to that, we would like to tell you that you’re not alone. Many people forgo needed dental treatment because of the fear, even doing so at the expense of their smile’s health and their self-confidence.

You don’t have to have the same outcome. Even if you have struggled since youth with a dental trauma or dental anxiety, our gentle, co-op approach to dentistry may be your chance to set matters straight with your smile.

For example, having just purchased our new Biolase iPlus in October 2016, we recently saw a very apprehensive 4-year-old girl whom we will call Emma. Emma was initially very nervous and uneasy about being in our dental office; we knew that administering anesthesia was out of the question for this little girl, so we used the Biolase to complete her dental treatment gently and within minutes. We never even gave her a shot of local anesthesia.

We helped Emma to overcome her fear of dental visits and now she gets to grow up with a beautiful, confident smile, and perhaps the best part, she will grow up without a dread of dentists. That alone is sufficient to protect her smile in crucial development years ahead of her.


An Attractive, Healthy Smile Awaits

Cellphones, drones, and digital imaging technology are on the rise in this fast-paced modern world. Why not take advantage of the advancements in laser dentistry to finally overcome your fear of the dental drills and shots to benefit your smile and life?

From adults to kids, we can perform esthetic enhancements and restorative procedures all at once, without needing to bounce around to different dental practices and in most cases, without administering anesthesia.

Give us a call at (317) 859-6768 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Sammons and point your smile in the right direction with our Biolase iPlus laser dentistry in Indiana.

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