A great smile can open a lot of doors!

I have alot of conversations with people, many of whom do not know that I am a dentist.  It is amazing how many people tell me that the first thing they notice about others is their smile!  Obviously, in my profession, I spend alot of time admiring peoples teeth.  Some of my favorite moments in our office is when we just get finished “creating” a persons smile, seeing the joy that comes to their faces!  Whether it is something as simple as whitening their teeth with the “Zoom” system of chairside whitening, or doing porcelain veneers to change the entire mouth, we get alot of satisfaction of seeing them really getting excited about the final results!

Many people (including myself) feel as though restoring your teeth to a beautiful smile, can enhance your professional image, and lead to greater personal and business relationships.  Feel free to “pick our brains”, on how we may be able to help you!

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